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Editor's Letter: Why We Must Celebrate And Critique This Year’s September Covers

Here. We. Go.

Like a lot of writers, there are some subjects that play on your mind, but you don’t quite believe that your writing can adequately express them in a way that comes across unbiased and well thought-out. Or at times, you believe you don’t have enough experience to eloquently articulate what needs to be said. In the past, both of the above have stopped me discussing this particular subject matter.

This month has seen the release of multiple magazine covers with black women on the front and it’s been amazing. No matter what we say, representation is getting better. Covers that include Beyonce on Vogue, Zendaya on Marie Claire and Lupita on Porter show us that the extended representation of black women on mainstream magazine covers could mean that there is a new horizon - a horizon that sees more black women on multiple magazine covers at the same time.