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Editor's Letter: Why I Will Not Be Throwing My Bouquet At My Wedding

As you all know, I usually write the newsletter on Sunday. I usually come home from church around 4 o’clock, do a series of personal tasks and try to start writing by 6. However, the last few weeks, well months, I haven’t been able to start the newsletter until about 8ish. This week though, I’m writing this on Tuesday night. While I would like to say that it's because I have been super organised, the truth is that I’m actually taken a few days off this weekend [insert excited face emoji.]

Luckily, I knew what this newsletter was going to be about a few weeks ago. After announcing that I won’t be changing my name professionally, for many people, my decision was a fascinating topic of conversation when I saw them face to face. While some understood, others didn’t and questioned my decision. Those who did question my decision were more often than not, those who could be considered the elder statesmen and women of our community. Many elder women assumed that my husband-to-be must be upset. While I will never live to please anyone else but myself and my family, it reinforced the sexism that exists within weddings and marriage. It is for this reason, as silly as it sounds, that I have made the decision not to throw my bouquet at my wedding.