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Editor's Letter: Why I Need To Be Better At Holding Other Black Women Accountable At All Times

In an ideal world, this newsletter would reach your inboxes by 10pm every Sunday night. However, as you know, this isn’t always the case. There are so many reasons why the newsletter doesn’t quite go out at 10 pm. Sometimes unexpected life incidents occurs, but often I sit at my dining table and start writing about one particular subject, only to change my mind 40 minutes in and then begin to write an entirely different newsletter. 

One newsletter I have tried writing many times before pivoting to a completely different topic, is about holding each other accountable. I think its something I have struggled with in the past if I’m completely honest. When black women are constantly critiqued for every move we make, decision we decide and every sentence we speak, I don’t often feel jumping in and adding to the often public critique they receive. However, I think, or rather I know, that has stopped me in giving the necessary critique to hold another black woman accountable.