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Editor's Letter: Why I Am Stepping Back From Black Ballad For The Foreseeable Future

When I usually write the newsletter, I’m often in my front room at the dining table, typing to the soundtrack of noise. The noise could be whatever is on TV. Or it could be the microwave warming up Saturday’s leftovers or the gentle humming of the oven. Add in the fast and rhythmic squelches of my husband’s sliders as he begins or finishes the week’s laundry, this newsletter in rarely written in silence.


Yet, now our flat couldn’t be more silent. The only sounds I can really hear is low buzzing from the dimmed lights. The new silence or maybe more accurately, this new background noise I am working in, reflects a new chapter in my life - the chapter of motherhood. I guess having a baby less than a few weeks old and writing in the middle of the night between feeds forces one to make adjustments - adjustments that are more than worth it.