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Editor's Letter: We Need To Start Seeing Getting Older As A Privilege

I will be completely honest and say that I was super nervous to turn 30. Since turning 29 last November, I have been super reflective about my life, what I want, what I have and what I don’t have. If I am completely honest, I’m not sure I lived 29 as 29. 29 felt like a bridge to becoming 30 if that makes sense. In the back of my mind it was a countdown to being 30. So turning 30, I didn’t know what I expected, but there is no magic change and no life changing earth shattering shift.

Yet, things in life happen, surprises are thrown at you and the things you were focused on take a back seat. I think that happened in the summer. Surprises and unexpected news genuinely made me re-focus and in a way, made me forget about my age and put my life into perspective. So wanting to take charge, I stuck to my guns and resisted the temptation to have a party and decided to go away for my birthday - a holiday that was needed and deeply desired. There really is nothing like getting away and (respectfully) embracing another city, culture and nation. I think going away for me always reminds me of how small we are in the world. How we all individually make up a tiny piece of the world’s puzzle to make it complete and hopefully a better place for all. I often say to my husband, especially when we are on holiday, it is humbling to be a tiny drop in God’s ocean- it's one way of looking at life, one way that helps me get through and when needed not take myself too seriously.