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Editor's Letter: We Can Not Continue To Do The Work For Black Men

It feels far too long since I wrote the last Editor's Letter, so let me kick off by saying Happy New Year! I don’t quite know when is the right time to stop saying happy new year, but I truly hope that 2018 is the year when you dream big and live life on the terms that make you the happiest. 

One lesson I learned very quickly in the last few years was to take social media comments with a pinch of salt, which can be extremely difficult when you are a black woman that makes a living writing about race and feminism. I’ve had my fair share or abuse and arguments on most social media platforms, but arguing with people who aren’t willing to accept their privilege or try to be empathetic to the challenges faced by minority voices, can be a waste of time. 

However, this week on Twitter, a black man asked me why Black Ballad isn't advocating for black men and black journalists. While I will point out that the tone of his tweet didn’t seem malicious, I was astounded by the fact that a black man couldn’t understand that black women needed a space that belongs to them and them only.