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Editor's Letter: This Week, I'm Living My Life Like Beyoncé

I got up 6:30am and by 7am, I was wide awake and ready. I sat on my bed and watched Beyoncé dressed in Balmain as a Nubian Queen, walk along the Beychella stage and take her rightful position as the best living entertainer. I felt on edge as she disappeared out of view and couldn’t stop smiling as she rose to the top of the stage wearing a Balmain BK hoodie, denim shorts and Coal n Terry Vintage boots. Before she uttered a single word, I said four: “she is the best.”

The performance took me back to 2011, when I went on a road trip across the Southern states of America and the moment when I visited Tougaloo College- an historically black university for obvious reasons. From the use of a marching band, clear referencing to historically black sororities and fraternities, to the Malcolm X quotes about black women in America, the incorporation of jazz and gospel anthem Lift Up Every Voice and Sing, the hip-hop classic California Love and to bringing Kelly, Michelle and Solange on stage - Bey told us and the global audience that Beychella was a salute to black culture and black womanhood.