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Editor's Letter: This Is The Time To Connect Deeper With Loved Ones

Never did I think I would write a newsletter under such circumstances. Like many of you, I have been self-isolating/social distancing. For the past week, I’ve barely left our flat besides to go for a walk here and there to get some much needed fresh air. 

I’ve spent my time at home doing home exercises, watching TV - Enterprice, Noughts and Crosses on BBC iPlayer and Self Made on Netflix have been the best for laughter, drama and inspiration as far it comes to being entertained while self-isolating. And of course, working and thinking about Black Ballad and what the future holds, as we all work through a time that can only be described as surreal.

My morning started off by calling my mum to say Happy Mother’s Day and as the conversation progressed, she said at 69, she has never experienced anything quite like this. My best friend turned 30 today and it is so strange not having any plans to celebrate this milestone. It felt so bizarre to tune into Church via the TV this morning and see our Pastor minister to an empty room.