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Editor's Letter: This Is Not The Election To Not Vote

I’m always honest in this letter and this week is no different. This is a newsletter that I never wanted to write because I believe that the majority of those who are reading this newsletter are black women with individual needs. Yet, in the last few weeks, I have spoken to too many people in our community who are thinking of not voting in this Thursday’s general election.

I always have to remind myself that while social media has toxic tendencies, especially with the daily instances of racism and sexism, there is somewhat of a privilege to being on social media. It provides multiple viewpoints, instead of the singular point of view that is often dictated by white men. Furthermore, social media can lead you to believe that most people are voting and know exactly who they are voting for.

But this isn’t the case. Many people I know on both a personal and passing level have either said they have no idea who they are voting for and feel confused and conflicted on all parties, while word for word reciting headlines that I have read in newspapers. If I was to just read and watch mainstream media I would genuinely think that the only racism that has reared its ugly head in the last few years is the anti-Semitism that has been a stain on the Labour campaign.