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Editor's Letter: The Pressure To Finish The Year Strong & Have Your 2020 Plan Sorted

2016. What a year. I mean, how could we forget that it was the year we voted to leave the European Union? Across the pond, Hilary Clinton was elected as the first female candidate elected by a major party in America and we know how that turned out. It was such a volatile year politically and it feels like a lifetime ago, especially as my little sister reminded me that she was in her first year of her GCSE’s and now she is in university. 

While 2016 was the year politics rightly took centre stage, in my world, I put Black Ballad on pause, booked a trip to Barcelona and then came back to shift Black Ballad to a membership model and went on a rant about avocados. Facebook kindly reminded me that it had indeed been three years since this rant, or maybe I’m doing the video and my words a disservice by calling it that. At the time, it felt like a desperate plea for anyone to see how badly black female journalists and consumers were treated in the media and looking back how naively I thought it would be to change those things.