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Editor's Letter: The Constant Battle Of Having A Black Female Body In Sport

It is the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games and I was in awe of Denise Lewis, as she reigned supreme in the Heptathlon. 

I begged my Dad to let me watch her destroy her rivals over her two-day competition, and was able to bask in the feelings of pride and jubilee as I stayed up till the early hours to watch her win gold. 

Her impeccable performance at the Olympics earned her first place in the Heptathlon. Yet as I admired her skill as an athlete, I also had a deep appreciation for her body. Her tone and physique was the type of body I dreamed of whilst watching her in my school uniform at the age of 15. As I watched her hold the British flag after her win, all I could do was stare at her strong body, especially her washboard abs.  I was inspired by her performance as a young black girl growing up in Liverpool and I knew in that moment I wanted to become an Olympian.