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Editor's Letter: Standing Firm In The Face Of Professional Power Dynamics Is Hard, But Necessary

More than ever, I need to keep busy or at least distracted. I’ve been throwing myself into work, home exercising and taking much needed naps when I feel like it. I guess self-isolating will do that to you. Beyond not stepping foot in any shops and not going out beside a for a walk to get fresh air, I have tried to keep things normal, but what is normal about the current situation we are all in?

It's strange because I actually am a homebody. I like being at home. I don't like going out unless I really have to. I’ve even trained myself to work at home in a way that is productive over the years (of course, not every day is super productive when working from home - I mean, I’m not a robot.)

However, on Monday I've probably one of the most outrageous, unprofessional and possibly disrespectful work experiences I’ve ever had since beginning Black Ballad. Some may say that in a time of such hysteria and crisis maybe I should be more forgiving, but everyone is under stress and working through time that can I only still define as surreal.