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Editor's Letter: Sometimes We Can't Fight Every Race Battle - And That Should Be OK

On Monday I came back from Switzerland after a four day whirlwind trip abroad. After four days away from home, taking a plane each day and some vomiting the night before - I had never been so desperate to be back home and get into my bed. As I waited in line to check in my luggage, I realised that my flight home was in business class. So I left the economy line to join the business line. I’m sure some of you may be able to guess what happened next…

As I reached the counter, the check-in assistant said: “this line is for business class flyers only.” I said: “I know. I am flying business class.” She asked to see my ticket and passport and asked me three times if I was sure that I could be flying business class, even though my name on the business class ticket and passport matched. I finally snapped and said “yes, I’m sure.”

I know why I snapped. You know why I snapped. I snapped because I knew that she wasn’t going to ask the white couple behind they are sure that they were flying business class.