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Editor's Letter: Queenie Teaches Black Women To Rid Themselves Of Perfection

Before I get into this, Happy Easter! However you decide to spend the long weekend, I hope you are getting some well-deserved rest and soaking up the sun before it disappears.

When Black Ballad first came to life in 2014, its tag line was "for the black woman of excellence". That only lasted a few months, thank goodness. A friend gently said: “Tobi - Black Ballad is so good, but don’t put pressure on yourself or other black women to be excellent just to be part of Black Ballad.” To this day, it is one of the best pieces of advice that I have been given when it came to Black Ballad. I felt a pressure to be perfect straight out the gate and everyone who worked on BB when we first started knew it. There was no room for error, no margin for mistake, no excuse for failure - no wonder I found it hard to enjoy the launch of Black Ballad when we first started.