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Editor's Letter: Nike Is Kinda Right - Nothing Beats A LDNR, Except House Prices

A girl can change her mind, right? I have been so gassed about the Black Panther premiere, that I intended to write about it for this week’s newsletter. I got two paragraphs down and decided that this week isn’t the week to write about the film. Next week Sunday will be the day I dedicate this newsletter to the phenomenal film when we have all seen it and can really discuss the magic behind Marvel’s latest creation. But don’t worry, there will be no spoilers - even in next week’s newsletter. 

Yesterday, I saw the brilliant Nike advert. At first, I was astounded that a big corporation had managed to make such an inclusive advert and show how culturally rich London is due to its diverse population. I loved how the advert captures the resilient spirit of the capital, which is captured mainly through the eyes of black Londoners. I squealed: “ayyyy" when I saw Slider Cuts, heard Zone 6 and saw a boy skateboarding past shops in Liverpool Street. This is, without doubt, the advert that recognises me, my upbringing and paints a fairly accurate picture of my hometown. It was a genius advert from a marketing standpoint, it caused a buzz and hyped us up, as finally I saw many of the intersections of my identity - race, gender, geographical location - be celebrated in an authentic manner.