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Ed's Letter: Meghan Markle & England Football Team Show The Harm In Carrying On In The Face Of Racism

I have no interest in football. At most, I’m a World Cup watcher. I breathed a sigh of relief when my husband told me he doesn’t like football. I was not trying to be the girlfriend standing in the cold cheering on 22 men with the very real chance of no one scoring a goal. While I understand the much needed camaraderie and community it provides to some by being part of a club and following their every move, it is not for me. 

Yet my lack of interest for football turned into a different emotion a few years ago due to the FA’s treatment of Eniola Aluko and the blind eye it turned towards the racist treatment she received. Her willingness to be vocal about the racism she received at the hands of her then England manager Mark Sampson cost her her international career. A glittering career of over 100 caps and over 30 goals (if I did my calculations right). Yet, when she spoke out about racism, the footballing community turned on her. The FA, “fans” and teammates.