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Editor's Letter: Meghan Markle & Cynthia Erivo Show How To Implement Boundaries In Racist Britain

I wasn’t so sure that I was going to write on this, but as a fellow writer explained earlier this week, Meghan’s decision to step back from Royal life is a decision that many black women in this country can understand and one that comes as no surprise. 

Britain is racist. If you are reading this newsletter and you feel that is not true then I actually don’t think this newsletter or platform is for you and I am extremely serious about that. It is a country that has built its wealth, reputation, systems upon racism and using black people. Colonialism. Slavery. Even the way it talks about racism - the most used word - “tolerant.” Britain is a tolerant country and you know what that means. It is rich that a country which uses black people (let's look at how the Windrush Generation have been and are being currently treated) to help them better its society calls itself tolerant - meaning that it puts up with people who aren't white, not that the country appreciates us and wants to welcome us with open arms. Britain does not appreciate black women in any way, shape or form this week both Meghan Markle and Cynthia Erivo have shown us, black women that we must have boundaries when dealing with powerful systems and establishments in this country.