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Editor's Letter: Jackie Aina's Apology Is The Type That Black Women Deserve

I have two big fears when it comes to running Black Ballad. I think the first is money. What if we run out of money? What if one day I can’t afford to pay our freelancers? What happens if we don’t finish raising our investment? However, I think that any person that is a founder or CEO has fears around money when it comes to running their own company. 

My second fear and the fear that I have had from the moment we began is about what will happen to Black Ballad if we make a mistake? The truth is, it will happen. No person, no company, no brand is immune from mistakes and putting the wrong foot forward. I regularly think about how would I react if and most probably when we make a mistake that may make black women question our intent. My hope and my stance has always been if and most probably when that day comes, we will face it head on and follow our words with actions.