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Editor's Letter: I’ve Become Comfortable With Being Unlikeable

This year, I was going to set myself ambitious goals because I turn 30 in November. I mean, that is the thing to do, right? Before you turn a landmark age, you create a list of outrageous things to achieve. So I thought about it and even started putting pen to paper. If I am totally honest, some goals weren’t even that ambitious. I realised the goals I started setting myself were the things I felt I should have achieved by now but hadn’t. So I stopped making the list because if I’m honest, it didn’t make me feel that great. 

Yet, a few days after making the list last November, I decided that as I prepare to leave my 20s behind, I’ll be more conscious of the decisions I make and my behaviour. I guess that is why I had to make sense of the white validation I got and get for my work and understand what I wanted from those opportunities and spaces.