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Editor's Letter: Black Brits Face Danger From Several Sides, But The Immigration War Is Brutal

I’ll be honest, there are some weeks, on a Sunday afternoon, I just have no idea what I want to write about. It may because things have been fairly quiet, or that I just don’t have inspiration. Today is one of those days, but the reason I’m not quite sure what I want to write about, is because so much has happened this week. 

This past week, we saw Liam Neeson declare that he once went out looking to kill any black man, after a friend has revealed that she had been raped by a black man. We watched the deportation of Black Britons being sent to Jamaica due to the despicable Windrush Scandal. The Stansted 15 (15 men and women who chained themselves to a plane with over 60 people being deported back to Ghana, Nigeria and Sierra Leone) were spared prison time. And on Saturday morning, news broke on unexpected and untimely death of Cadet. While not everyone reading this newsletter may have heard of him, those of us that did were in awe of his talent as a story teller. Many songwriters are often commentators of the world around them, but Cadet was one of those rare talents that could tell the most vivid story with his lyrics.