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Editor's Letter: Embracing The Differences in My Female Friendships Makes Me A Better Woman

It's strange times we are living in. I mean, I don’t say that to cast fear into anyone, but with politics moving more to the right, it feels like we’re scrambling to find friends, family members and associates that think in the same way that we do and believe in the things that hold true. I guess that is a consequence of living in a time where society feels so divided and opinions by the ordinary person and those with power and fame feel purposely controversial to stir emotions of hate and anger towards one another. 

As many clammer to find our identity tribes and people with our shared interests, this week I was reminded of the good in spending time with people who think differently and don’t share my interests. I went out with my two best friends and while the catch up was more than needed, it was refreshing not to discuss my interests throughout the dinner.