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Editor's Letter: Election Night Showed Me The Power Of Surrounding Myself With Black Women

What a week it's been. I know many of you reading this still may be thinking about the election, while some of you would have just pushed the result to the back of your mind and decided to just focus on the known and unknown ahead of you. There is no right or wrong reaction to Thursday’s result in my opinion. I have seen people on social media who said they cried over the result. I know real life friends who have shed a tear. I also know people, black women, who just kissed their teeth at the result and said or had the attitude of "still, we move".

After dodging the rain to vote, I made my way to Black Ballad’s event with NARS Spitalfields. When I originally secured the collaboration with the make-up brand, there was no General Election announced. So when the news broke, that the nation would take to the polls, I genuinely thought about canceling. However, we went ahead with the event and I am glad we did.