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Editor's Letter: Boris Johnson’s Selfish Brand Of Leadership Is Dangerous For Black Brits

On Monday, I had an interesting conversation with a black woman called Angela. We were in a joint interview and she was asked the question of why she created her business - Mental Health: The Arts. She said: “I believe in serving others.” While I know some people may not be completely comfortable with that answer and you are entitled to feel how you feel, it was a great reminder in what we should look for in leaders.

Her words felt ironic and truer because, later in the week, Boris Johnson finally became our Prime Minister. Now let me be clear, I don’t say finally because I wanted Johnson to be our Prime Minister, but because it was an inevitable outcome for this country. While it is no secret that Boris has wanted to be this country’s leader through his unbridled individualistic campaign to get into No 10, what became even more transparent during Brexit, is what makes Boris Johnson the most dangerous Prime Minister of my lifetime.