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Editor's Letter: Black Panther, xSandy's Hair Shop Closure & The Support Of The Black Community

So last week I said that I was planning to write a spoiler free editor’s letter all about Black Panther. I thought I would discuss how Ryan Coogler brings black feminism to the fore - tackling beauty standards by having a dark skinned women as the love interest, or discuss how all the black women in the movie have natural hair and the only time we see a black woman with a European hairstyle is when she is in disguise, but takes off her wig to become her authentic true warrior self. Or how a young black woman is the smartest person in her nation and has used technology to make her country the most advanced nation on Earth. Without a shadow of a doubt, Ryan Coogler has created complete and nuanced female characters who will spark conversation in black feminist circles and give some white feminists no choice but to start acknowledging the importance of different female representation.