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Editor's Letter: I Finally Know Why I Was Dissatisfied With Black-ish's Colourism Episode

I love Black-ish. I truly do. The only show I love more than the sitcom is This Is Us, but some light relief is needed from the buckets of tears I cry every time I watch The Big 3, (if you know, you know.) To refer to Black-ish as light relief is unfair in all honesty. The absolute beauty of the show is its ability to use humour to tackle the most sensitive and imperative issues that affect the black community. 

While I have always thought that Black-ish is faultless, one thing that I have critiqued the show for is that it hasn’t covered colourism, despite being in its fifth season. It has tackled so many topics, from the nod/smile black people give to each other on the street or workplace, the Black Church, Black Lives Matter, Prince and even, probably  my favourite episode - smacking your child (the episode is as funny AF).