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Editor's Letter: Beyonce's Brit Speech Is A Lesson In How To Make Another Black Woman Feel Visible

As a writer, at times my job requires me to be a social commentator - especially if I want to pay my bills. I guess that is why Black Ballad means the world to me. I can use my Editor’s Letter to talk about whatever I want and not always write about whatever the hot topic, or dominant news story according to the mainstream news cycle is. For example, when news broke of Meghan Markle’s engagement to Prince Harry, I said in a newsletter at the time that I will not be addressing her wedding or her position in the Royal Family. 

There were many reasons why I didn’t quite feel comfortable commenting or writing about Meghan Markle in the lead up to her wedding. The narrative that she, a biracial woman who is racially ambiguous was going to change how black women exist in the UK, was a narrative that was laughable at best and insulting at worst. And as someone who is aware of her heritage and seemingly intelligent, I think that Meghan was aware of how frustrating that narrative was for black women - especially those who are not racially ambiguous. 

On top of that, entering into a family who are the most prominent relic of colonialism and British slavery as a black person, a biracial person or as a person of colour is something to reckon with, but if you are in love, it isn’t my place to judge or comment.