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Editor's Letter: Be Careful Who You Take Advice From - No One Knows Your Situation Like You Do

I guess with every job, whether its one you created for yourself, or your dream role that was created by someone else - there are parts you love and hate. One thing I have come to love is actually pitching my business. I get so nervous before I walk on stage but there is a thrill and I guess an element of pride of telling people your track record and your vision. Of course, there will be people who love what you have to say, or rather sell. Then there are some who don’t believe in a single thing you’ve said and will interrogate you, pull your ideas apart to its bare bones. This is where I get to fight and defend what myself, Bola, Jeni and every black female creative has built and best believe I am always ready to defend this business. 

But the worst part of my job is unsolicited and often under researched advice. Now, before I go on, it is critical to have mentors, learn from other people’s mistakes and take criticism. However, we must always be wise in who we take criticism and advice from.