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Editor's Letter: Anyone Reading This Could Be Joy Morgan

I know not everyone reading this may agree, but I genuinely believe social media has done more good than harm. I say that being aware that on social media platforms like Twitter, black women are the most abused demographic of users. That said, I don’t think there is something special about Twitter which incites hate towards black women, because social media is a reflection of society. The moment that black women stop becoming the most disrespected person in society, as Jada Pinkett Smith reminded us this past week, is the moment that they will stop becoming the most abused on Twitter. 

Yet, despite the above, social media has empowered groups of us who are considered the minority in various, yet wonderful ways. I’ve used and benefited from social media to create a platform for the very women who are routinely ignored and in the process, have been able to resurrect my career as a journalist when nobody would even give me an interview, despite my experience.