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‘Ecofeminism’, Peaks Of Colour & The Power Of Black Women Gathering In Nature

From higher death rates in childbirth and lower quality of life, to the ongoing denial of adequate healthcare, for centuries, Black women’s destinies have resembled the fate of natural resources: ready to be depleted, stolen and plundered, infinitely at the disposal of white supremacy.

Through politics and philosophy, ‘ecofeminism’, a term coined by the French environmentalist Françoise d’Eaubonne, emerges as a movement highlighting the devastation and exploitation of the Earth by white capitalist men and connecting it with the intimidation and subordination of women throughout history, especially Black women.

We live in a society that frequently reminds Black women of the lack of spaces where they can feel solace while exhaling pure bliss and joy through their pores. But through nature, Black women are finding continuous and uninterrupted space to reflect, fostering equanimity. Due to the lack of safety we face throughout spaces of all kinds, more of us have now embraced the outdoor realm to step back and catch our breath.