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Putting On A Brave Face: The Realities Of Dating Post-Covid

We made it through 2020 and what must have been one of the bleakest winters the UK has experienced in a long time. As a woman in her thirties who went into – and will likely come out of – this pandemic single, the implications of having my dating life disrupted for over a year could be quite serious.

I keep a diary, and for better or worse, I have gotten into the habit of reading a page from last year’s diary every time I fill in a page from the current one. In February 2021 the highlight of one week was as follows: “Found a new post office today. It had a nice little shop in it with fresh veg. And it’s next to a pharmacy too. Really good to know.”

I shared this revelation with a man I was chatting to on a dating app and he promptly unmatched me. On reflection, I might have done the same. Though some people are talking more on dating apps throughout the pandemic, we’re not always as good at conversation anymore.

By comparison, during that same February week in 2020, while working full-time I dined out with friends three times, attended two ballet classes, one HIIT class, and (in what I can only describe as a bold example of me knowing my own limits) opted to work from home on the Friday in order to conserve my energy for a club night. In addition to all of that, I found time for four first dates: one breakfast date, two evening drinks and one weekend coffee.