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Capitalism And The Politics Of The Coronavirus

The global Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic is highlighting to me the extremity of disparity. I think black Brits, and particularly black working-class Brits often time themselves having differing lived experiences, holding different thoughts and conversations, and championing narratives that are at odds with those that may proliferate in the mainstream. Things often happen, and social media or platforms like Black Ballad exist as necessary sounding boards and echo chambers for people that look and live like me. When Labour lost the last General Election or when Dave performed at the Brits or when Stormzy sends for the government, Twitter is where I read my very thoughts articulated by a fellow black Brit. 

At times, I can forgive the mainstream’s fragile, privileged, self-interested madness. Despite the danger of racism and the implicit gaslighting in the reverse racism narrative, I can see that the 300 plus Ofcom complaints about Dave’s “racist” Brit awards performance was an inability to see past one’s white fragility and catch the relevance of Dave’s message. Similarly, despite the need for an ideological shift to pull society back from the gross socio-economic disparity we’re witnessing prevail, I understand how privilege and self-interest meant much of the mainstream were jubilant when Labour dismally lost at the polls. Honestly, I get it. However, considering the politics of this pandemic, I don’t feel like I can trivialise what I’m seeing as comparatively micro issues like self-interest and privilege. It honestly feels like this pandemic has turned up to shock us with the true face of Capitalism.