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How A Broxbourne-Based Mother Found A New Meaning To Self-Care During Lockdown

In the wake of a mass social and economic upheaval, has come a global surge in self care practices. As people’s mental health worsened in the aftermath of BLM protests and increasingly stringent lockdown rules, a reaffirmation for self care practices and ideals has made itself home. Scrolling through the sea of beige and neutral self-care quotes, one would think that finding time for care was as easy as scribbling it into your calendar and as simple as telling yourself that you will do it. But what about the people who have found themselves even busier during lockdown? I talked to Rianne, who found herself in this exact position at the start of lockdown.

Rianne, similar to many other women, found herself a new mum just as lockdown restrictions were being enforced. Whilst lockdown coincided with her maternity leave; Rianne found herself navigating an entirely different terrain to what she was expecting when pregnant.