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How Black Women Are Funding The Soft Life Enjoyment They Deserve

Quiet luxury this, Black women in luxury that, right now it feels like you can’t scroll for more than a few moments online right now without reading some form of in depth analysis about the financial life of Black women.

Thanks to the unique intersection of society that Black women occupy, money, and most importantly how we spend it, remains a complex issue. As it stands in the UK we are 1.5 times more likely to be become informal carers – according to 2013 report of young carers in England – and we currently earn 26% less than white men, so it comes as no surprise that for Black women carving out the space for true financial autonomy is often easier said than done.

Nevertheless, more and more of us are rewriting the rules around our wallets, in the pursuit of a life that serves us – a life that is sweeter, albeit softer. 

Crafting a ‘soft life’ – an idiom that first originated in the Nigerian influencer community as a way to describe the act of  living a life with less stress, worry, and concern – has slowly become a major tenant in discussions around the financial wellbeing of Black women both within and outside of the diaspora.