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Black Women Talk To Us About The Reality Getting An Illegal Abortion

Not long ago, I had a pregnancy scare. I have had pregnancy scares before, when my period was a day or two late, but this time, it was different. My period was thirteen days late, which had never happened before. I was not eating as I didn't have any appetite to eat anything, and was purging while my tummy kept getting bigger, amongst other symptoms.

I had an implant at the time, but I've heard stories of women who were on contraception and still got pregnant. I bought two at-home pregnancy test strips, worried I’d be among the one percent of women who got pregnant while using contraception.

I tested on different days. Both tested negative, but the negative results frightened me even more. Was I testing too soon? Was I doing everything wrong? Is it possible that I had a cryptic or ectopic pregnancy?