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Black Women & The #TradWife Trend: On "Opting Out" Of Modern Feminism & What It's Really Like Being A Stay-At-Home Mum

The latest social media trend that has us glued to our screens gained unique momentum with Nara Smith.

The 22-year-old Black woman, former model and now stay-at-home mother and wife, seems to have been gifted all the time in a day to make cereals from scratch and other homely tasks while wearing designer clothes. Labelled as ‘tradwife’, Nara’s social media content has reached millions across the globe as she meticulously performs what many perceive as a perfect definition of a housewife, with a social media spin.

Even though the trend is dominated by white women, Black women like Nara have now joined the movement in the last few years, posting similar content under hashtags like #Blackhousewife, or with terms like “biblical”, “submissive” or “traditional marriage”. Some seem to believe that this might resemble the gateway to a stress- and work-free life, economic security, loving marriage and a protective pact against the social hostility and repression they’ve faced from birth as Black women.