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There ARE Black Women In Space: Talking Sci-Fi, Representation & "A Sh*tload Of Other Problems" W/ The Cast Of 'Intergalactic'

Like many genres in cinema, the world of sci-fi is one that hasn’t often included black women within stories time and time again. But in the past few years through the works of directors like Jordan Peele, Misha Greene and Nia DaCosta, afrofuturist tales that place black characters at the helm are making their way to audiences. And on this side of the pond, new Sky One series Intergalactic is similarly putting black women at the forefront.

Set in the future and featuring an ensemble cast, Intergalactic tells the story of Ash Harper, a talented galactic officer working under the order of the Commonworld, a governing body ruling over multiple galaxies. When Harper finds herself framed for treason and banished to space prison, a mutiny on her transferring ship sees her forced to join forces with women she once put behind bars. Collectively, the group are taken on a journey that reveals that everything with the Commonworld may not be as it seems, leaving her doubting an institution she thought she knew best.