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“There’s Nothing There For Us”: The Black Women Carers Overlooked By The Government And Local Councils

Like every Mother’s Day before 2018, Ayesha Taylor-Camara expected nothing out of the ordinary to happen. 

She was home from the University of Nottingham spending time with family and it was a “normal day” until it wasn’t. Her mum had a mental breakdown and for two weeks afterwards, Ayesha spent each day at the hospital. In normal circumstances she wouldn’t be allowed to, but she was the only person who could keep her mum calm. 

Ayesha has been her registered carer ever since and despite the multiple healthcare and social care professionals she’s encountered in the meantime, not one has ever asked if she’s OK.

“I had to leave uni and move back home. I was almost thinking about quitting my PhD, but I decided to put it on pause and work instead. I applied for a job that would sit alongside my research but allow me to be at home with my mum,” Ayesha explained.