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How I Found A Community Of Black Women In Sydney, Australia

Finding a community of black women in Sydney elevated my travel experience. In 2020, from January to the end of March, I travelled to Sydney, Australia staying with family friends. In Sydney, I was able to find peace in exploring the beaches and neighbourhood districts, such as Newtown to the Harbour district, catching the scorching sun on my skin, while writing my nostalgic thoughts in my journal. 

As a child, I first visited Sydney in 2004 with my mother and brother where we felt like we were exploring a new land. As a young adult, I made more discoveries and developed an appreciation for Sydney’s world cuisine, like the authentic East Asian food I tasted in the neighbourhoods of Surry Hills and Newtown. It was a cuisine I thoroughly enjoyed, especially eating with friends.

Visiting local museums and galleries, I was able to discover my interest in fine art through several installations of indigenous art. One installation, ‘tall man, 2010’ by Vernon Ah Khee, told the story of  the 2004 police incident where an Aboriginal person died in police custody. By archived videos and testimonies, it described the environment which indigenous people in Australia experience daily.  These stories made me understand how indigenous people are ignored and struggle to get the voice of their community heard.