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Faith, Fashion, Food & Family: How These Black Muslim Women Celebrate Eid

There’s an online joke that Eid is like the Met Gala for Muslims and it’s true. Twice a year, Muslims show out for Eid-al Fitr, after a month of fasting, prayer and deep contemplation during Ramadan, and Eid-al-Adha, where Muslims slaughter meat amongst their family and the poor. 

The build up for Eid can be busy at times with all the food, fashion and Instagram pictures. In Islam, it’s a moral obligation to dress up and wear your best clothes on Eid, as this honours the traditions of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Whether your best is your cultural attire or an abaya, looking good can mean different things to different people.

Some prefer to go full glam and experiment with their looks, jewellery and henna whereas some people prefer a more toned down look. As Muslims come from different cultures, it’s pretty cool to see how different groups mix their culture with their religion, whether they use ankara print or certain textiles for their outfits.