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Black In Time: Alison Hammond’s Literary Dive Through Black British History

How much do you know about Black British history? And I mean, really know – dating back centuries?

During my secondary school days and throughout my A Levels, History was one of my favourite subjects. When it came to studying historical events and people from the UK and Europe, we learnt about Henry VIII and his half a dozen wives (well, who didn’t?), rulers of the Soviet Union such as Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin and examined countless British politicians and their policies. 

History involving Black people often largely started and stopped at slavery, predominantly from a US perspective. This limited experience of learning about Black Britons throughout time isn’t an isolated one either and it’s one that Birmingham icon and presenter, Alison Hammond, also resonates with.

“I did notice at school that we didn't cover anything with regards to Black history,” Alison says. “I didn't really see people who looked like me, so growing up, sometimes I would feel a little bit lost.”