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An Ode To Black British Publications: Thank You For Helping Black Journalists Kick-Start And Advance Their Careers

The UK is home to a number of black-owned or black-founded publications, and the number is growing. We often hear about the great things they are doing through what we are drip fed by mainstream media, social media profiles, re-shares of content and crowd funds. But aside from this, we rarely have the full story about just how deep the roots of their impact go. Especially the impact on the black writers and journalists they provide work for. 

One of the most powerful things I heard a writer say whilst interviewing for this feature, is how free she felt to be her authentic self at full volume in her writing and interpersonal relations with her publication. 

“You feel freer when it comes to what you say. For example, talking about the murder of George Floyd, with black publications you don’t have limitations, you don’t question what you do – you just go for it. You feel secure in your identity when working for black-owned publications. You feel like you can speak your mind and not worry,” said Kelle Salle, contributor to Brown Beauty Talk (BBT).