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Bigger Isn’t Always Better: Moving To Germany & Leaving My London Mindset Behind

Big cities tend to have a buzz. Take London, my home city: fast, lively and energetic. I’ve always seen London as a metropolis that offers something for everyone, whether it be food, music, fashion, theatre or whatever else you fancy. London’s energy never fizzles and if you’ve got the stamina, it will certainly be able to keep up with you. 

So when I relocated from London to Frankfurt in 2016, I brought my ‘London mindset’ with me. I was ready to take on the fast, lively and energetic lifestyle that all cities offer, right?

But contrary to what I had imagined, Frankfurt doesn’t quite have that same pace as London. Due to its size, I very quickly became familiar with the city. I soon realised that instead of having to jump on the tube, most places could be reached by foot. I explored all of the tourist hot spots within the first few months, and not having much of a social circle meant I spent a lot of solo time hopping between cafes and parks, so I found my favourite places pretty quickly.