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Black Ex-Pats And The Hierarchy Of Nationality & Citizenship In The Middle East

Possessing the privilege of being able to cross borders freely – without having to navigate the tedious processes endured by one who holds a less ‘powerful’ passport – is a reality that is so often taken for granted. When the parameters of major opportunities in your life rely on the colour of one tiny, elaborately sealed booklet, this can hugely impact crucial life choices and decisions. 

When you have the ability to jet off without a care in the world for education, to seize job opportunities across borders or just to escape the perils of monotonous routines, you have one of life’s fortunes that should be appreciated, deeply. A life free of your movement being governed by the temperament of gatekeepers in the form of immigration officers and embassy staff who have the power to change the shape of your life story with a single stamp, is a freedom that people literally risk their lives for every day.