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As Stammerers, We Deserve To Be Anything

My father told me I inherited stammering from my great-grandmother. I don’t remember the event that led to the statement but I'm guessing I asked him why I was the only person among my friends that had difficulties speaking properly.

I was an extroverted child and I remember how much I wanted my teachers to call me to the front of the class to read a chapter from textbooks or storybooks but they rarely did. They would call me once, find out that I stuttered, and then never call me again. 

These experiences made me feel dejected because they didn't allow me to function as I truly desired. After telling me about my inheritance, my father assured me that time would lessen it.  

However, I'm 22 years old now and my stammer is still as present as time is. It didn't lessen, it didn't go away. It's a part of my identity and I stopped seeing it as a reason to not be whatever I desire to achieve. 

My confidence developed when I aced a university presentation on crime theories. I studied hard to understand the theory I chose, which happened to be the feminist theory of crime, although at that time I wasn't the feminist that I am now, but the theory enthralled me.