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Anything Can Be A Dating App: Black Women Are Finding Real Love In Unexpected Places

As the idea of bumping into the love of your life at an airport or randomly locking eyes with a stranger in a coffee shop slowly fades away from our social sphere, Black women have found themselves faced with a challenge. Prevalent dating culture has turned finding love into a task led by a search criteria, where dating no longer relies on the traditional experiences of meeting a partner through friends or acquaintances. But some Black women have, consciously or unconsciously, embarked on a journey of discovering love beyond conventionality. 

Sandrina is a credit customer manager who met her partner, Ruben on Tumblr in 2011. She doesn’t hesitate to define their love story as ‘eternal’, as she contemplates the joy and scars that his passing in 2015 left imprinted on her. After meeting in their late teens on Tumblr, Sandrina and Ruben nurtured a bubble of care online that lasted three years until it burst passionately into real life in 2014.