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What It's Like Dating As A Black Woman with ADHD

I can fall in love in an hour. Right place, right vibe, right night? Halfway through the right conversation, I’m not even listening anymore. I’m mentally figuring out how to tell you we’re double barrelling our names when we marry. And no I’m not a Pisces, I just have ADHD. This means the same lack of impulse control that could lead to a late night shopping spree, or shaving my hair (again) could also lead me to a stranger’s doorstep, or car, or just a dark (one would hope) corner depending on the mood.

Though impulse control is a key staple of the hyperactivity disorder part of ADHD, it’s unfortunately not the only manifestation. From forgetting you were supposed to meet, getting distracted during conversations, to hypersexuality and not being able to have your babes (current or future) over because you haven’t cleaned your room, ADHD can feel like a real vagina-denier at times.

But is it all bad? I spoke with a friend who also has ADHD about the reality of dating as a black woman who is neurodiverse.