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A Villain In Someone Else's Fairytale: What It's Like When You're 'The Other Woman'

How many of us have despised or wished misery upon those who un/willingly caused havoc under our roofs? We often hear the stories and testimonies of women who've been badly hurt and heartbroken when it comes to infidelity, but it’s uncommon to directly hear from those involved in the deed.

So, I’m analysing, not justifying, the feelings and realities of women who found themselves where I’ve been, at the epicentre of an affair. I was 22 years old when I met what some of my friends often call ‘the one’.

He was joyful, funny and most importantly, he saw the real me and still didn’t blink. But, my immaturity took our incompatibility to another level: it just didn’t work. After years of emotional instability, it took me moving abroad to understand that I liked him and that I had taken him for granted for far too long.