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A Struggle To Belong: Being Rehoused As An Asylum-Seeker In The North West

Migration has been an important topic of discussion politically and socially for many years, but very rarely for the right reasons. Although refugees and asylum seekers are a minority of the overall population, with recent surveys placing demographics at around 0.26%, their coverage in the media would likely have people think otherwise. Despite this tiny presence, there is a continuously negative representation of migrants in the media. Whether that may be BBC reporters following those on boats in dangerous situations, or widely-shared petitions to keep asylum seekers from entering the borders, we continue to hear the harmful, denigratory depictions that warn people of their presence.

For many of us wanting to do more to support asylum seekers, it would seem that much of the world is turning against such communities. With further implementation of stricter border policies after the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, seeing increasingly harsh measures put forward has taken an extra toll on me emotionally. Rather than the ill-motivations media would suggest, these young individuals are risking their lives in search of safety. Many are desperate, forced to run away from danger, famine, and many other things. I sympathise with such people because this has been my reality; 17 years back, I was in the same position.