Politics & Activism

"Black women constitute 3% of the female population in England and Wales, but 8.9% of the women’s prison population."

– What Prison Abolition Means For Black Women

"Europeans and Americans never really undid the structures of power that had privileged whiteness for at least the last two centuries."

– Brexit And The Return Of White Supremacy

"I am unapologetically black – I wear my hair natural in locs, and I’m not afraid to talk about race either in terms of who I am as a politician."

– What It's Like To Be A Black Woman In British Politics



"While re-imagining an independent Scotland involves looking forward, there has to be attention placed on how the colonial past has formed our present."

– Black Womxn Must Be Heard In An Independent And Equal Scotland


"As a black woman I like to feel this is one way that I can channel my frustrations and disillusionment with the current political sphere."

– Don't Lose Faith In Us: How Grassroots Activism Can Hold The Government To Account