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Meet These Ugandan Students And Their Life Saving Sexual Health App

As British women, we often take for the granted the free healthcare, sexual health clinics and programmes that are so readily available for us.

In Uganda, sexual health is seen as a taboo subject. In addition to this are the sky-high costs of healthcare, which prevents many low-income earning women from not just being able to afford prescriptions, but even consultations with doctors. With many women in Uganda not having access to healthcare professionals this leads to a number of undiagnosed illnesses and diseases and in many cases these untreated illnesses can be fatal.

To help sexual health problems that are plaguing Ugandan women, Maghi Nanyombi from Kampala, Uganda has created an app called the BVKit, that helps women to test themselves for Bacterial Vaginosis, the most common vaginal infection in women aged 15-44. This particular disease holds high priority for Maghi and her team (Team Code Gurus) because Bacterial Vaginosis is a silent sexual health illness as it doesn't show any signs or symptoms.

Alongside being an innovator and entrepreneur in the ever-growing world of technology, she is also a full-time student at Uganda’s government school, Makerere University, so Black Ballad were very happy she could find the time to speak with us with such a busy schedule!